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  • CC2035 Draft Considered by City Counsel Jan. 18, 2018.  Come and testify before City Counsel about saving historic resources and views in Goose Hollow. (link, map app, scenic resourse protection plan) Concerns remain about the plan to protect the upland view to the Vista Bridge along Jefferson (ppt presentation) as well as heights in certain parts of the neighborhood and beyond.  Public testimony will also be accepted at the City Counsel meeting Jan. 22 with a final decision expected March 7.
  • GHFL Elections: More information here about the five (5) Board seats open for election at the GHFL Annual Meeting November 16, 2017. (Notice) (Timeline)
  • The Goose Hollow Days Street Festival held September 16, 2017 was a great success.  Thank you to all of the musicians, artists, businesses, vendors, and especially volunteers who highlighted all of the culinary delights, neighborhood history, children's activities, and art that Goose Hollow has to offer. (flyer) 
  • Active/Proposed Construction Projects [updated Oct. 23, 2017] (here)
  • Protecting Goose Hollow Views -- Presentation made to Portland Planning Bureau on March 3, 2016 highlighting reasons for continuing to protect views both to and from the Vista Bridge in the CC2035 Plan.  Related links:
    • 1991 Scenic Resources Protection Plan
    • 2016 Central City Scenic Resourcs Protection Plan DRAFT
    • 2016 Southwest Scenic Views DRAFT
    • 2016 View Streets and River Access Ways DRAFT
    • 2016 Map App showing zoning and height changes in Central City
  • Sign Caps -- Goose Hollow has now completed the largest sign cap installation in the city's history, which complements the banner project completed 2010.
  • Goose Hollow IN THE NEWS -- The Goose Hollow neighborhood has appeared in several international publications, including The Guardian and Mental Floss.

The Goose Hollow Foothills League Neighborhood Association, established in the 1970s, is host to four historic residential communities -- King's Hill, Gander Ridge, Vista Ridge, and The Hollow (the lower elevations) -- which are now collectively called Goose Hollow. (map)  A hundred years earlier, however, the name "Goose Hollow" applied pejoratively to only the lower elevations around the path of Tanner Creek that was the primary residence for a substantial goose population and to Chinese vegetable farmers.  A century ago, this creek was buried and the Tanner Creek Gulch infilled to form the basin of the bowl that is now modern-day Goose Hollow, an area that not only refers to the flats but also the adjacent heights (King's Hill, Vista Ridge, Gander Ridge) and Canyons (Tanner Creek Canyon, Cable Car Canyon).

The four areas that comprise Goose Hollow each have their own separate character.  The lower elevations (The Hollow) of Goose Hollow have an area of older brick apartment houses and condos mixed together with historic Queen Anne vernacular cottages as well as commercial and light industrial spaces.  The northern end of The Hollow was intermittently (c. 1910s-1970s) called the the Lownsdale District in honor of Goose Hollow's first resident, though that name was never historically significant.  The Goose Hollow area called King's Hill once hosted the residences of Portland's turn of the century wealthier merchants, now partly infilled with higher density apartments and offices.  Goose Hollow's Gander Ridge and Vista Ridge areas are at the east and west foot, respectively, of Portland Heights and at the south edge of Goose Hollow's bowl.

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